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Research Blog Note

Posted in Amplifier Basics, History: Marshall Amplifiers, NPD: Guitar Amplifiers on June 15, 2008 by ivancheung

This research blog was kept up until 3rd May. This is because the research process started to slow down and the creative process began.

For more information on how my work was formulated please see the research dossiers and module reports. (Note, the majority of New Product Development research has been worked into the presentation).



Posted in NPD: Guitar Amplifiers on April 30, 2008 by ivancheung

As a brand with the word Amplification, it seems strange Marshall doesn’t embody that.

Sure they do guitar and bass amps, but what else?

Is there a chance of brand expansion into all forms of amplification? The brand recognition seems to be high enough….

A new way of looking at Marshall…

Posted in NPD: Guitar Amplifiers on April 25, 2008 by ivancheung

This image was created during the visualisation of my designs.

However since its creation all design ideas have been abandoned while I redefine my proposition…

Mapping Marshall: Update

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This is an update to my previous post ‘Mapping Marshall’

Since that post, I have refined my brand more to my liking, with a greater effort in positioning the competitors in relation to each other, the brand attributes and related concepts.

Click on image for a larger view

Brand Perception

Posted in NPD: Guitar Amplifiers on April 20, 2008 by ivancheung

This survey was carried out to understand what people outside of the territory think of Marshall.


Number of Responses 50

When: 14th April – 20th April

Where: Bath City Centre

Question 1: Do you know this brand? (picture of logo shown)

Question 2: Who are they?

Question 3: What Country are they from?

Question 4: What decade do you think they were founded in?

Possible Design Ideas

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Possible Design Routes – Milestone events

1. Leather Belts
For those who want the Marshall brand at a low cost and low commitment.
A belt is a practical tool that is strong, but also has a history of being a decorative item (showmanship), the more extravagant, the more powerful the wearer. Also the belt is also a common weapon so it has a menacing side to it.
Marshall Metal: big thick leather, studs, rivets, metal rings.
Marshall British: 60s 70s British Rock scene. A bit psychedelic. Rhinestones, crystals, different types of stones.
Marshall Classic: Plan leather belts with some essence from the previous two ranges. More sophisticated, for people who have professional commitments.

2. Tattoo Parlour
The tattoo tends to say you’re a bit edgy. They are usually found on people who life fast and seek adventure. However tattoos are also becoming more acceptable.
A Marshall tattoo parlour, tattoos from a brand that embodies that lifestyle.
Why Marshall? The marshall script logo is quite a popular tattoo.
Famous rockstars can perhaps design tattoos.

3. Marshall Bar/Club
A bar/club that features the best rock music, but also a lean towards British music. Above the stage are also sound proof rooms available to hire. These rooms have one way mirrors so you can see the crowd but they can’t see you. In the rooms are band equipment. You can go in play, and smash up equipment, pretending you’re a rock star, in front of a live crowd.
– Cross promotion with Jack Daniels?

4. One Night Stand Service
Adventure and fun with no strings attached. It will basically be a dating service.

5. Adventure holidays
The essence of rock n roll is adventure, strength, speed, adrenaline.
Marshall could offer holiday packages for thrill seekers. This would cater to those who aren’t interested in rock music, but are interested in its essence.
Different packages around the world.
Skiing, Snowboarding, Surfing, White water rafting, Hiking through rainforests, Bungee jumping, Parachuting, Hang gliding, Driving tanks, Flying planes, Racing!

Consumer Survey

Posted in NPD: Guitar Amplifiers on April 15, 2008 by ivancheung

This is a survey collected to understand the territory and audience of Marshall.

Number Of Responses: 263
When: 1st April – 15th April 2008

Question 1: What is your age?

Question 2: What  type of player are you?

Question 3: What brand of amplifier do you own?

Question 4: What type of amplifier do you own?

Question 5: What qualities do you look for in an amplifier?